Monday 9 April 2012

NOTD: BeautyUK Posh Polish manicure

So I've had these for a while. I bought them at the same time as I got my SensatioNail "toy" and well, they kind of seemed not as exciting at the time :) But I picked them today because I fancied something really shiny and sparkling. The colour on my index and ring finger is called "Elfstone" and has a definite green cast to it in real life but my camera doesn't stretch that far. The pinky-lilac is called "Amethyst". This is 2 coats of each with a coat of MegaShine top coat. They're not as revealing of faults in your nails as traditional foil-y polishes, probably because the particltgrflitter is slightly bigger.

I'm now off to eat some more of my Easter egg - my Lindt milk chocolate bunny :)

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