Tuesday 17 April 2012

NOTD: Bourjois So Laque! "Bleu Model"

I got this lovely lacquer for my Xmas this year, and I've been waiting for the perfect time to wear it! This is 3 coats with MegaShine top coat. The formula on the Bourjois So laque! seem to be a bit thin most of the time, you usually need 3 coats or more for good coverage. But they do shine like crazy even without top coat! Love this colour, just what I needed after a stressful day.

I am having a bit of grief with my skin at the moment, so I have been trying to source good skin care that doesn't contain dimethicone. Even the so called "sensitive skin", "natural" and "organic" creams have this devil ingredient in them, would you believe it?.. I finally found Elemis' skin care range for young skin, which is free of parabens, SLS, SLES, DLA, mineral oils, artificial colours and silicones. Looking good! I tried the night cream and the face wash so far and initial perception is good :) When reading reviews online, the Skin Glow Exfoliating Wash comes up as a firm favourite among bloggers, I will be trying this tomorrow morning to slough off some of the old skin cells!

The discovery kit contains:
  • Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash 30ml
  • Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash 30ml
  • Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser 15ml
  • Dreamy Sleep Night-Time Moisturiser 15ml
  • 3 X Deep Clean Purifying Face Mask 7ml sachets

I love mini kits; you can try out the products over a period of time before you buy a full size product you may end up that you can't use as it irritates your skin... I will let you know what I think of this range when I've used the products for a week :)

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Emma said...

Ooh this is gorgeous! I've never tried Bourjois... no really! Haha. It looks lovely on you :) and I agree, I love mini kits too! xx