Monday 21 November 2011

NOTD: Depend "186"

And check out my camoflaged Hermit Crab, it's like she thinks she's a Navy S.E.A.L or something... :)
I put on Zoya "Irene" yesterday but I had  to take it off as it had produced the most horrific shrinkage when I woke up this morning. May I just say how addictive pure acetone is to remove polish?... It's just so.. strong! Melts through glitter and deep colours. Not like the slow-ass usual non-acetone remover I use. But no more pure acetone. It's lethal to the nails. Must stop using it.

Anyway onto today's NOTD, Depend "186". This is 1 coat. That's right, 1 coat. And a slick of MegaShine. Perfect formula, glides on like a penguin on ice. It may be a dark brown creme but it's gorgeous! I may have to get a back-up bottle of this when I go home to Sweden for Xmas :)

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