Tuesday 15 November 2011

REVIEW: UNE Skin-Matt Foundation

UNE Skin-Matt Foundation
I am starting to get back into my makeup routine now so I thought I'd review some of my latest finds. I have had my eye out for UNE foundations since the brand launched but they seem so expensive (£12.99 RRP) for a high street brand. However, I discovered I had A LOT of Boots Advantage Card points so I thought, why not treat myself?? And I am glad I did!

I normally have a major issue with foundations - they irritate my skin. So that's why I thought that the UNE range might be ok as it it more natural and contains organic ingredients. The colour I chose was M05, it seemed the closest to my current skin colour after my summer tan has faded. It looks like the range has a large-ish range of colours from very pale to dark but I am not sure how the colours would work for really dark skin, as the range doesn't seem to stretch that far.

The consistency of this foundation makes it a bit tricky to apply. I found I squirted out far too much product the first time. Also you have to be fairly quick to blend it in and it has a 'dry' texture. Once you have mastered the texture you are onto a winner, however. It dries to a semi-matte finish that stayed put until the late afternoon to me. The finish is a light to medium coverage, which is fine with me as I don't have a lot of spots or other imperfections to hide. It doesn't seem to smell a lot; supposedly the perfume is 'natural lotus flower fragrance', whatever that is...

I've no outbreaks of spots from this yet. It doesn't state the ingredients on the UNE website but other sites have a detailed breakdown and there appears to be no silicones in it. That may be why my skin seems ok with this foundation!

I am not sure I should have picked a matte finish for winter though, so I might have to take my Boots Advantage Card out again to get the UNE Skin-Glow foundation as I still have loads of points! :)

You can read more about the UNE range here.

Has anyone else tried anything from UNE? What did you try, and did you like it?

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