Thursday 18 November 2010

NOTD: George Cosmetics "Ultraviolet"

I went to Asda last night for cat litter, and I found that they now stock George Cosmetics! They had quite a few nail polish colours, including some matte ones (they matte pastel pink is my next buy!).

I picked up a couple as they are only £1.50 each. This colour is a duochrome lilac-blue in the bottle but the applied mess was a total disappointment.

This is 4 coats (I got tired of trying to make it look ok) and if you have long nails, this will still give you VNL... It is supposedly "quick-dry"; I found it to be neither. This is my right hand, the usual left hand was completely ruined by sheet marks and dents as despite putting on China Glaze FastForward as top coat lats night, the polish is still soft and dentable today.

I still have another polish to try and I hope it will perform better because it is a gorgeously luminous green frost in the bottle...

1 comment:

KarenD said...

Pretty color! Shame about the crap formula.