Monday 1 November 2010

Today's NOTDs

I first did a mani with the awesome Color Club "Revvvolution" but then I totally screwed it up by covering it with a crackle polish from Isadora so I took it off. I felt like something super-pink but nothing appealled to me so I just did 2 coats of Rimmel All White Now nail whitener instead. I love this whitener as it's kind of opaque in 2 coats and has twinkly blue pigments in it! It now comes with the good new brushes from Rimmel, the one they use in their LycraPro polishes.

So nice clean nails for work tomorrow - my boss will probably think I am using drugs or have been possessed by some evil spirit or something! :P Anyway, I'm off to see to the terrible blood-filled blisters I got under my feet today walking home in the pouring rain... Who knew?.. It's so sore and swollen I've had to take strong painkillers :(

Anyway, I need to find a really pink polish. Any ideas, kidz?


KarenD said...

What crackle did you try? What didn't you like about?

I've not seen that Rimmel nail white before; will have to keep an eye out.

Lina-Elvira said...

KarenD - it's from Isadora, Swedish brand. I love the crackle but this time it completely flattened the holo effect so it was basically black on black... :(