Sunday 21 November 2010

NOTD: George Cosmetics "U the sea"

So this is my second cheap Asda nail polish. I don't get the name? Is it perhaps a short of "Under the sea"?

This is much better than the previous polish - this is 3 coats but it only needs 2 to look good. The formula is a bit runny but goopy, hence the mess on my pinkie. But it dried fairly quickly so wasn't too bad. I slicked on some China Glaze FastForward to speed dry this mani as I needed to clean the cat litter tray...

I was hoping for a bit more glow with this but it still looks very good. Just be wary for any visible brush strokes - it does stripe if you are not careful due to the formula.

Glad this one turned out ok - I must get down to Asda again this week to see if they still have the mattes in stock... :)

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