Sunday 14 November 2010

NOTD: Sally Hansen Hard as nails Xtreme Wear "Marine Scene"

So this is one of the polishes I scored in the poundshop on Friday! It's quite sheer, this is 3 coats, and I would have benefited from a 4th coat. But you know me! Too much hassle with 4. So instead I covered some sheerness with NYX Glitter in "Disco Ball" and slicked a coat of Megashine on the top to make it less 'bumpy'. I may have to add another coat of Megashine though... The holo glitter is refusing to show off in the photo so imagine it is 10 times more 'holoey' and you're there. If I had paid RRP for this polish I would have demanded my money back, but at £1 it's ok.

My kitten is soon 11wks old, and seems to be enjoying our home! I managed to do all ten nails without getting cat hairs in them and I am about to enjoy some knitting as he has snuck off to his sleeping corner under our bed so that will be excellent!

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