Thursday 1 April 2010

NOTD: Easter Eggs


Hello everyone! I am just celebrating the arrival of an extra-long Easter weekend, and here is my manicure. I pulled all the pastel creme polishes I've got out and decided which ones to use and did dots. Dodgy and wonky dots. I was distracted by Pirates of the Caribbean on TV, that's my excuse! The new Boots 17 collection is great, the new Revlon "Minted" is nice but a bit runny...

From thumb to pinkie: Rimmel LycraPRO "Urban Princess", Revlon "Minted" and then Boots 17 "Parma Violet", "Orange Soda" and "Sherbet Lemon".

Dots are made with a dotting tool and NYC "Little Italy".

I finally did something I have never done; I have ordered the WHOLE COLLECTION of the Zoya Sparkle collection that is released today. I couldn't help myself. I love the pastel cremes but there is always room in my heart for more glitter :D Check out swatches for yourself at All Lacquered Up!


Rach G said...

Hello! Sorry I didn't reply to your text - I'm on the IoM and would cost a small fortune ;) Like the eggies!!!

Lina-Elvira said...

Ah I remembered that when I'd sent the text :D Bring me back some rum raisin touristy fudge :)

Zeke said...

They were sold out of the fun glitter I was gonna send you )= the bastids! Going to look for a replacement glitter, but if I can't find any I'll just send whatever fun Lillisy-stuff i can find ;P