Sunday 28 March 2010

NOTD: Misa "Hot People Like You"

Some days you just need something sizzling hot and pink! I love this polish; it's bright but innocent at first glance but then you notice the cool blueish shimmer and realise it is not as sugary sweet as you first thought! This is a 3-4 coat polish and usually I can't be bothered by such polishes, but this polish says "You know you can't help but worship me even though I am sheer!" And I can't. I love "Hot people like you" :)

Also I couldn't help myself and got "Beanie" from the new No7 collection with my last £5 voucher. And look how close it is to Chanel "Particuliere"! The Chanel is only a smidge lighter than "Beanie". So if you're in the UK, it looks like you have a £6.50 alternative to "Particuliere"!

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