Wednesday 3 March 2010

Another Guest NOTD and Nubar Nu Nail DAY 6 update

So Zeke is being most obliging and sending me her manicures to post as I am a manicure free woman til Saturday! Love the photo, much better than mine :)

This is DAY 6 of Nubar Nu Nails treatment and I must say they feel stronger but this 6 layers of treatment is a bit ridiculous - it's coming off tonight and a fresh layer is put on as the thick layer is cracking off the nails right now... So I will take some pics then and post for you all. From what I can see through the treatment polish, it looks like the peeling bits have stayed the same so perhaps I can get them to stop? My hands and cuticles are still pretty damn dry though despite all the handcream and Solar oil. Damn you, winter cold!!

Look at the lovely snowdrops I found in my front garden today as we visited the flooded house to let the restoration company empty all the damaged contents. Lovely aren't they? I also trellised the yellow climbing rose and discovered a variegated holly bush and some lovely yellow crocus under the Rhododendron bush :) I am hoping this won't take longer than June so I can start doing up the garden :)


Zeke said...

Snowdrops? Seriously?? We still have about a meter of snow here! o.O

Lina-Elvira said...

Zeke - Yep, and did I mention the flowering Crocus? :) Britain rocks hehe!