Sunday 11 April 2010

NOTD: Color Club "Power Play"

I've done this one before - and it was just as hard to photograph then as it is now. It is not pink in the slightest, just bright purple. Unfortunately this time I couldn't get any decent light at all hence the weird colour. Follow the link to a more accurate picture. I can't wait to move back to my own house... This is two coats with Sally Hansen MegaShine on top. You can see my huge peel on my index finger still... :( I hope it fixes itself soon, I'm sick of crap nails.

I love this nail polish, its defintely my favourite purple and perhaps my favourite neon polish. It stands out even in fairly dim light but is insanely intense in sun light; just what I need right now!

Also, I got a new bike on Friday so I've spent most of the weekend riding it! Its a Women Specific Design Trek Skye S. Yay! :D


jaljen said...

Oo. Pretty and glossy and juicy!
Btw, where do you get your wetNwild from?
Hope you're back home soon.

Lina-Elvira said...

Jaljen - I got the wnw in a swap with a lovely lady in America, peeved that we don't get them UK