Friday 25 November 2016


I tend to get over-excited about large discounts (January sales anyone?) AND new makeup so it was a no-brainer I was dying go to the store opening of the new KIKO Milano store in Aberdeen today. Also there is the Black Friday offer of buy 3, get 3 free. I mean, it's just a mindbogglingly good deal. It's online too, if you don't have a store near you!

So in the past I've resisted buying from the online shop as I like to try things before I buy. And there is a definite lack of swatches online for some reason despite KIKO being very popular in Europe so I am not sure why this is.

I wasn't the only one excited for the new store! As you can see - there was a long queue to get in... And once inside, there was elbows at the ready to actually get to see things. Then a gargantuan queue for the tills. In more quiet conditions I think I could easy be in there for an hour but my inner panic alarm was starting to go off within about 2 minutes...

But I made it! With a 6 product haul :)

However on my way home from work, I may have returned for another 6 product haul... Just too good a deal to pass up! Some of these products will be Xmas presents so it's not all for me :) Despite being late on in the afternoon, the shop was even more crowded... But I did get a free cupcake to keep me going in the queue to the till!

I can't wait to wear test it all, look out for the swatch and review posts! :) If you have tried anything from KIKO what's your favourite product??

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