Sunday 13 November 2016

REVIEW: Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Palette "Blackmail"

I had been lusting after this particular palette since I first caught sight of these as previews from US bloggers during late summer. I couldn't believe my eyes when I realised they had released over here and immediately ordered one! It's currently only on the Urban Decay website but I've been assured Debenhams will get one of them in (not sure which one, but guessing it's "Blackmail" as it's more sellable to non-bloggers).

This palette has more wearable shades that it's sister, the "Junkie" palette. It has all six new formulas from the Vice lipstick range. It comes with it's own little retractable lip brush but I found this to be a little too small for my liking, but perhaps girls with thinner lips might like it. I have ended up using a concealer brush from Avon which works wonderfully. I load the retractable brush with my chosen shade in the morning for top up during the day and just carry it in my makeup bag so I don't have to take the whole palette.

The only shade I think I may get limited wear out of in this palette is 'Blackmail' itself - it's such a dark matte shade I would  have a hard time pulling it off other than Halloween :)

My favourites so far, which may end up being bought in full size, are 'Sheer Shame' and 'Amulet'. If there was one washout it has got to be 'Vanished', which I found didn't do anything else for me than what a clear lip balm would :( I haven't done any swatches of these, as I was hoping instead to do some Lip of the Day posts...

The packaging is amazingly luxe! The inside has a huge mirror in the lid, and the lid stays up so you can use the palette as a proper makeup mirror. There is a cover that flips over to offer additional protection to the wells of lipstick. You could also use this as a palette to mix colours up if you wanted. The brush as I said is quality but a bit small for my personal preference. The only negative about the packaging is the finish attracts fingerprints like nothing else...

Loving this! I can't wait to wear more of these shades out and about :) If you love lipstick this is a great palette. This is £31.50, so for me, it's within the range of affordability and a nice thing to have if you don't already own gazillions of lipsticks!

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