Saturday 19 November 2016

REVIEW: Boots Ingredients Sheet Mask "Super Hyaluronic" Hydrating + Nourishing

I am loving sheet masks, just like everyone else! :) I saw this and was like, yes, of course I need more sheet masks! And at £2.50 RRP so it won't break the bank either.

My skin is starting to go from it's well-behaved summer state to the angry, dry winter state so I am forever trying to quench it, even if I drink my recommended 8 glasses of water a day and use really rich skin care. I was drawn to this offering due to this, and I also bought the "Luminous Youth" one.

This is rather drippy, which is also my issue with the Garnier Moisture Bomb (still loving that by the way!). But it seems to stick to my face quite well but as with other sheet masks, it's waaaaay to large for my face.

Initially when I put it on, it did feel almost like it was stinging my skin... I did however stick with it, and it went away after a couple of minutes. I guess it was the hyaluronic acid doing it's thing.

When it came off, I was thrilled at the resulting soft, plump skin! :) As I've come to do, I then applied it to my chest as well. Well worth it for the price of a Starbucks Gingerbread Latte! I am now really excited to try the 'Luminous Youth' one, hoping it works well enough that I can get IDed for buying alcohol in the supermarket afterwards ;)

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