Saturday, 17 January 2015

COMPARISON AND REVIEW: Makeup Revolution VIVID Blush Lacquers vs ELF HD Blush

My skin seems to eat blusher. Which is a bit creepy. So I went on the hunt for something more long lasting. I have used cream blush in the past (MAC), and wanted to avoid another horrific incident of trying to use a blush stain (Benefit Benetint). So onto the new generation blush cremes in a pump bottle it was!

After looking across the internet I came across the ELF HD Blush, which was pretty much the reason for  my birthday ELF haul (I promptly got a replacement for the faulty blush I received by the way!).

I then by chance saw the Makeup Revolution ones in Superdrug the day after I'd ordered it! They are £3, so I picked up two shades I thought might suit me. I promptly went on to swatch and was taken aback with the pigmentation... What a mess :) Took me a couple of tries and some YouTube watching to learn to get it right on my face! I will do a tutorial next week on my 'everyday face' so you will be able to see my technique then. As I swatched these they came out too heavily applied but you get the shades anyway, the trick is to then blend, blend and blend to get it the right intensity on your cheeks :) These look great though and last all day on my skin. They come if easily with my Garnier Micellar Water as well!

I found that the Makeup Revolution blushes are a bit more fluid than the ELF but they blend out the same. The ELF has some shimmer too it but not enough to make you look like you're wearing glitter!

I made a little video for you, hope you enjoy - please stop by my new YouTube channel!

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