Saturday, 22 November 2014

NOTD: Primark Press-On Nails "Christmas"

I have a nice trip planned to a friend in Edinburgh tomorrow for Xmas crafts and the switching on of the Xmas lights :) So of course, I needed a nice nail! I bought these falsies a few weeks ago in Primark for the very decent price of £1 and decided to wear them. The nails come with nail glue but I won't use nail glue anymore as it's so damaging to soak the nail off, so instead I use Elegant Touch Super Adhesive Pads. They're like double sided tape for false nails. They don't last 7 days as it says on the packaging (did you really believe that?) but they do well for a couple of days of wear. The main thing is to be wary of your hair - as nails become slightly raised they snag your hair! Careful hair washing ahead... Best part is that when you're fed up, the false nail just slides off with no residue or damage to the natural nail :)

I applied the tabs as per instruction. You need to make sure you secure it to the nail before you peel off the protective film and try not to trap air bubbles. Apply the false nail making sure you apply the false nail the right side round - the thinned down side at the cuticle end! Gently press down on all sides for it to seal tight. Done.

I like these - very naff and festive! Not sure that the longer length will do well for crafts but if it gets too annoying all I need to do is slide them off :) I'm bringing spare tabs just in case. These falsies from Primark come in a staggering array of different designs including these cat ones. If you haven't already, check them out now.

This manicure cost me a festive £3.49, and I will get another set of falsies on with the tabs left over! After that saving I think I can treat myself to an expensive coffee tomorrow :)

Primark Fashion Nails £1

Elegant Touch Super Adhesive Tabs, Boots/Superdrug £2.49

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