Saturday, 13 December 2014

'Tis the season...

Yowser. It's almost Xmas! I've been so busy with work and other play that I've forgotten to blog. I've had some NOTDs including this one from Bourjois, the name is forgotten I'm afraid and now I can't find the bottle either, must've put it away "somewhere safe"... I added some Essie "Carnival" on top hap-hazardly, it's not my best work. I also had on a couple of other polishes - Seventeen Rock Hard Couture "Cameo Crush" and Barry M "Atlantis". I used a different peel off base coat with "Atlantis", from Miss Sporty. It works a bit better than the MUA one i.e. it doesn't ping off unexpectedly, but it is basically just a bottle of PVA glue... Oh well, no staining or damaged nails though.

I've got some cool stuff coming up, hopefully I'll get some time tomorrow to write it all up :)

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