Friday, 14 November 2014

Benefit Brow Bar visit!

So I finally decided I needed to visit the Benefit Brow Bar... I apologise in advance as I am not of the 'selfie generation' and don't actually really know how to take a selfie, so photos are a bit crap. Perhaps I should take off my glasses next time. I also apologise for the windblown look, I was out on site visits all morning gazing at trees in 40mph winds. And because I feared rain + wind this morning, I have only waterproof mascara on, no other makeup...

BEFORE brow bar ,,,
AFTER brow bar
 When I arrived at the Brow Bar in Debenhams beauty hall I was plonked on a precarious bar stool (my ass is plus-size, I worry about chairs a lot) and chatted too while some paper work was filled out. I signed a disclaimer. So far so good. They wax above the eye brow too, is that OK? Well, I've signed the disclaimer now so yeah?.. As I am not actually bothered about trying new stuff I was like 'pfft, yeah whatever'. Apparently it gives a nicer shape but in my mind it's always touted as a massive no-no... I was measured for my ideal brow with a plastic stick of some kind. Then I was cleaned and preened, then the wax went on. Not too hot, no double dipping. It was all rather quick and a bit of tweezing and brushing and you've got eyebrows the Goddess Venus herself would be proud of. As I was rather red I was treated to concealer application (using Boiing concealer).

The very nice brow stylist then offered to put on a new product on my freshly trimmed brows - gimmeBrow. It's a fibre gel to volumise your brows. I was like 'holy shit I'm gonna come out looking like Brooke Shields in the 90s!'. But in the spirit of trying new stuff I was again like 'yeah go on'. It wasn't as dramatic as I thought, just a rather nice finish :) But I'm all for low maintenance brows so I won't bother with such fripperies. I'm rather happy with my Rimmel eyebrow pencil + brush.

All and all it was very quick and nice results. I'm really pleased and I won't be keeping up my brows myself much from now on - I'll just go see the Benefit Brow Bar lady again :) Next time I'll ask if she can use BrowZings palette on them to give me power-brows! I even got a loyalty card, and apparently next time I get a free tint. Dangerous territory, think I'll just stick to the waxing...

And what did my 'loving' Husband say about my 'new' brows? "Eyebrows? They just look like eyebrows to me'. A tenner well spent, then...

And it was (til Sunday) 10% all beauty in Debenhams, so unfortunately I bought a couple of Benefit Xmas gift sets which I will be reviewing in the next few days... :)

Oooh just wait til you see what's inside :D

Aaah! :)

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