Sunday 7 September 2014

NOTD: George "Kiwi Crush" Nail Art

For the end of the week I sported this rather snazzy manicure, it is two coats of NYC 1Min "Little Italy" (white) with 2 coats of contrasting George "Kiwi Crush" (mint) sugar textured polish. And then I decided I wanted to put some star studs on from one of my Nail Rockits kits. Quite awesome and lasted all weekend too!

I've got a poorly cat at the moment, He was in a fight over territory with another cat and sustained a nasty bite on the front of his shoulder. He's been inside since Wednesday afternoon with a restraint collar but it still isn't healing so he's off to the vets tomorrow. I have used a knee-length sock with dish towels inside as a comfy restraint collar - none of those horrid Elizabethan cones here! He's quite content but it's obviously hurting him today, probably not helped by me having to clean it with salty water to kill the infection.

Mummy's fur-baby...
Unfortunately tonight after washing the cat (no, he's good, just murmurs a bit) I couldn't be bothered doing a laborious manicure so I just put on some nail whitener and Seche Vite... I might change my mind after reading the new issue of Scratch Magazine... :)

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Anonymous said...

Those stars are v cute!