Monday 30 June 2014

Recent NOTDs

More blue in evening light

This is the old manicure to show another side to this polish
I've been so busy the last few days but I did manage to squeeze in a couple of manicures! :) I am off on a 3 day training course on Phase 1 Habitat Mapping tomorrow for work, and there is threat of rain when I need to be outside so I decided I wanted a nice tropical manicure. I did two coats and no top coat here of Isadora's awesome Sugar Crush "Ocean Crush". I just love this fantastic colour, but I can NEVER catch the colour shift on film :(

During the weekend I took the Man around the town to buy man-essentials such as self-inflating camping mats, ladderlock straps and - pants... I needed a nice hot red for this so I chose my very first premium nail polish buy - OPI Designer Series "Ruby". I did 2 coats here as well without top coat as I find top coat scatters the holographic particles too much in the DS polishes.

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