Sunday, 8 June 2014

NOTD: Hard Candy "Lava"

I decided I wanted to wear something red and scorching hot after recovering from this wretched 'flu I've been suffering for a week. I chose this old super-hot glitter from the revamped Hard Candy range (they have since revamped again!). I doubled up and did a matching pedicure as well!

I used 2 coats here with a slick of Seche Vite. It really does glow like lava!! :) I think if you are sensitive about VNL you need to do 3 coats but my nails are so short it doesn't bother me.

I've picked up something new as well - Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab nail oil. I decided I needed something portable for my cuticles after months of hideously dry cuticles. This is an oil in a squeezy tube with a little brush. I found it rather hard to squeeze the oil out, which might be a good thing if you're thinking of keeping this in your handbag... The oil smells lovely and fresh, almost like watermelon? Love it! Now we just have to wait and see how it works using it 3 times a day for 7 days :)

Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab - Before!


Unknown said...

Can you use the nail oil with painted nails?

Lina-Elvira said...

Hello yes you can - it sinks in through the cuticles and won't lift the polish! :)