Saturday 25 January 2014

NOTD: Burns' Night Manicure

I am going to a Burns' Night Supper tonight so 'needed' to do a themed manicure, of course. A Saltire flag came to mind. But I pondered all day about blue. It seems I don't actually have a lighter blue creme polish... That's right. A polish colour I DON'T have!

I suddenly remembered however my beloved Boots Seventeen Rock Hard Couture Nail Effects! I decided I would do "Cameo Crush" and paint the stripes with "Celestial Pearl". I love these polishes so much - this is 1 coat of "Cameo Crush" and pretty much one coat of "Celestial Pearl". Supremely glittery! :) I haven't seen these lately in Boots, guess they really were limited edition. If I see them again it's definitely back-up purchase time!!

1 comment:

Ananka said...

This is a good take on the flag!

I was working on Burns Night so didn't do anything :-(