Tuesday 14 January 2014

NOTD: Marks & Spencer Limited Collection Textured "Green"

Oh wow, this one may not match my skin tone very well (sorry for lobster-fingers) but I looooove this polish!! I can't wait to try the pink one - you'll be glad to know I think that might be a better match to my skin tone as well! It isn't sheer as such but being such a pastelly colour, I did 3 coats to maximise intensity of the colour. I didn't use a top coat as it's a textured polish. Wow! :D I am soooo going to get the lilac one tomorrow!

I had a haircut today. I've not had one since just before the wedding (yes, it is almost a year ago...) and it was getting so dry. The hairdresser despaired as he cut off almost 5 inches... It looks good now though but I am never good at recreating fancy 'dos at home!

"Dear Lord, won't 'cha make me a better hairstylist..."

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Ananka said...

This looks amazing. I picked it up along with a few other texture ones and a few metallic as well.

I like the M&S polishes, they are really good :-)