Saturday, 10 August 2013


I have a couple of empties for you today! I was surprised how much loved the Garnier face wash, not overly fruity smelling but definitely fresh. It has salicylic acid to remove old skin cells but not so much that sensitive skin like mine have a reaction. Supposedly all sorts of good vitamins for your skin as well but I tend not to put too much faith in something you wash off to provide nourishment of any kind... My skin did stay clear when I was using this daily and have actually deteriorated in the last couple of weeks since I ran out. I will be re-purchasing this shortly :)

The nSpa Grapefruit shower gel is amazingly zingy and fruity - perfect for the morning shower! It contains no parabens either which is a bonus. It's gentle on the skin and the purse, at £3 for a massive 500ml bottle that lasted me 2 months of daily scrubbing. I bought mine in Asda and it appears it is exclusively sold there. I have already bought another one - the scent is too addictive!

I did swatch the One Direction nail polish as well but I've been really lazy with nail polish (none for a week...) and also with loading the photos so I will save it until I do my next manicure!

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