Wednesday 31 July 2013

FIRST LOOK: Maybelline Baby Lips "Cherry Me" and Konjac sponges

I finally managed to get hold of the Baby Lips lipbalm - in my fave Superdrug! They also had the One Direction cosmetics in, so I also have the green one to show you, however not today as I couldn't be bothered to redress my nails after spending 20mins scrubbing off the previous NOTD with acetone :( I love the confetti style manis but man they're a pain in the butt to take off. I decided on the cherry one as "Pink Punch" looked a bit atomic. It has a very light cherry smell to it and a nice red tint. No taste, I can't decide if that's a good or a bad thing? My normal EOS Summer Fruits lip balm has a yummy taste to it as well as a lovely smell. Baby Lips is indeed baby smooth on lips with a nice light gloss effect. But it doesn't last very long, I had to reapply after an hour. Doesn't feel or look weird as it wears off though as some lip products do. I will test it for a week and let you know if my parched lips are perkier! These are £2.99, supposedly there is a 3 for 2 on Maybelline in Boots if you can find them there.

I also bought a birthday present for my ol' pal Zeke the Evil Beech, and it is a Konjac sponge. They look, ahem, weird? Supposedly you don't need a cleanser with these and this particular one has bamboo charcoal so is good for acne skin. Little does Zeke know I will be asking for her to review this particular piece of beauty tool for me in a guest post after she has used it for a month :) Just in case it's crap, I have also bought her favourite Simple cleansers! :)

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