Sunday 7 July 2013

NOTD: Saltire flag for Andy Murray!

Of course I, as many others, sat and watched the Wimbledon Men's Final today! Well done Andy Murray!! So here is the Scottish flag to celebrate :)

I used a couple of very unloved Rimmel polishes as they were the only colours I could find in my Helmers that looked like I needed them to to match the Saltire flag. The blue is 3 coats of "Azure", a blue pearl. It's really sheer and smears easy. The white pearl is various streaks of "Silver Bullet", an absolutely pain in the ass. It's soooooo thick and brish-strokey. Man, I should really just toss these polishes out and make way for some better ones... :( I slapped on some Megashine but I can see this mani coming off for an old awesome China Glaze polish tomorrow night after I've shown it off in the office.

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