Thursday 7 February 2013

NOTW: Depend Gellack "163"

I had a little experiment with the Elegant Touch Flawless French kit, and it wasn't a total success... I guess my nails are far too curved to take kindly to any overlays or wraps and this is no different. I also chose slightly too large sizes. But it looks nice-ish with Essie "Vanity Fairest" and with some practice I am sure I can actually do my right hand... what a mess... These Dashing Diva-look-alikes are sooo easy putting onto other people but geez it's a hassle doing them on yourself...

After flashing them to The Man, and having him say he doesn't really like a French manicure (or 'nails with the white bits' as he says) and prefers the colour manicures I do, I took the mess off and instead decided to do the new gel polish from Sweden my Mum sent me! :)

I used it with the Gellux base and top coat. I put on 3 coats of the colour cause I thought it would bring out the depth of the colour more. And I was right. It's VERY thick, even for a gel polish. You will need to apply it with a light touch or you will have that bleed to the edges you get with gel polish if you put it on too thick and put it under the hot LED lights.

And my goodness it's a nice colour :) in dimmer light it has a secret pink hue to the shimmer as well and it's lovely. And The Man thought it was a lot nicer than the (Not So) Flawless French! It can stay on until I get my hands on the new Barry M textured polishes next week :)

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