Thursday, 28 June 2012

Nails of my holidays: Gelish "Oocha Coocha.."

I've already worn this but as a pedicure with grand results, so for my week hiking, camping and generally just chilling out with The Man on the west coast, I decided to put it on as a matching mani and pedi :) This is an intensely sparkly teal glitter gel polish. I have a brief quide to gel polishes here. If you haven't tried gel polish, you should get yourself a gel polish manicure for your holiday or a special occasion - nothing beats the perfect lasting power!!

"Oocha Coocha.." is a bit sheer so you will need about 3-4 coats for it to be ok on longer nails where you will otherwise get VNL. But as each coat cures in 30sec in LED light, that's not really a problem :) No VNL for me as my nails are cut right back to make it easier for while I am rock pooling, fossil hunting and plant surveying! But there is a slightly sheer patch on the ring finger. Whilst doing my mani, Elvis the cat decided to jump on the table so I mucked up one layer of it trying to get him down and forgot to fix it in my haste to get ready so excuse the sloppy application on the middle and ring fingers...

I will hopefully be able to post some cool 'on location' photos of my Gelish mani and pedi whilst I am on holiday as there is free wi-fi at the campsite :P

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