Saturday 16 June 2012

NOTD: Rimmel "Pear Drop"

This is a brand spanking new colour from Rimmel and of course I had to have it! It is a frosty mint green with a penchant for streaking but hey, it's still pretty cool. You can't see the streakiness from afar anyway it just looks frosty! Pear drops are one of my fave sweeties, especially the ones from Marks & Spencer, so I think I may have bought this polish for it's name as well :)

This is 2 coats with MegaShine top coat. It's a bit thick to apply and make sure the coats dry inbetween or you will get bald patches. Please excuse the horrible looking pinkie - I had a tiny bit of dry cuticle, then when I got undressed last night it caught and ripped off a huge bit of skin :O It was so stinging and oozing clear liquid, and this morning it had dried to this unsightly thing...

1 comment:

Emma said...

Ooh wow this is gorgeous! Definitely popping down to Boots/Superdrug for a peek! I love this on you. Ouch for your cuticle, sounds soooooo sore! xxxxx