Wednesday 5 October 2011

NOTD: Revlon "Facets of Fuschia"

So I finally took the plunge and put on "Facets of Fuschia", I have been putting it off as I fear the glitter removal. But I really fancied it today :) But I kinda wimped out - this is over 1 coat of Rimmel 60sec "Blackout" to only have to put on 2 coats of "Facets of Fuschia" and hence make removal easier :)

I could have used 2 coats of MegaShine top coat to smooth down the glittery hexagons a bit more, but I needed to tidy up my invertebrate pets' tanks and put in new food so I decided it was enough fannying about with nail polish. It has still dried very hard very quickly, which is why I love speed-dry top coats!

Anyway. I love the look of this polish. The different glittery bits are what really makes it, I have nothing like this. I was afraid the glitter may get swamped by the black and the final result would be a 'nearly black' look only. I needn't have worried! The semi-opaque mature of this polish it what makes it the sparkler it is!

I am catching up on my dinosaur program "Planet Dinosaur" so I will leave you with a photo of my rescued Red Claw crabs - that's right they were rescued from a derelict fish tank in an abandoned tenancy!
One of my Red Claw crabs, warming itself against a leopard print fur hot water bottle outside the tank...

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