Thursday 27 October 2011

NOTD: The Saturdays Magnetic Nail Lacquer "Ego Green"

Look at that starry loveliness!

My fiancee says Una is definitely nicer to look at than "Ego Green"!
When I heard about this new line of polishes I had to have this one! :) I have since realised that Boots 17 has an identical green magnetic polish, with a magnet. You see, the magnet is sold separately to the polishes in The Saturdays line. This, the salespitch says, is so they can produce magnets that draw up different patterns. The original one makes a wave, like the Nails Inc magnetics. However, being thrifty (read: cheap-ass) I didn't get the magnet and used the star magnet of the holy Lancome Le Magnetique polish. I just love the star shape! :)

So, how do you use these polishes? Well, apply one coat. Let dry. Apply a thicker second coat. Be quick to put your nail right next to the magnet without touching the magnet plate. Let the magnet do it's thing for 15-20 sec. If you want to use a top coat, put the top coat on before you do the magnet - the top coat loosens the pattern a bit so you get a stronger pattern if you do the magnet after top coat!

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