Wednesday 14 September 2011

NOTD: Nails Inc Magnetic Polish "House of Parliament" and Rimmel 60sec "Black Out" with Rimmel LycraPRO Matte Finish

So I was totally determined not to buy the magnetic polishes from Nails Inc but, it IS magnetic polish... So I decided on this one when me and The Evil Beech was out shopping and getting her a bareMinerals make-over and starter kit for her birthday!

However, the instructions on the bottle is in French. My French is a bit, well, non-existent. Nil points, Nails Inc... So I had to try and figure out the way to hold the magnet. It appears that you have to hold the magnet so that the free edge of your nail is held towards the raised ledge next to the magnet. But if you want to use a top coat you will need to put on the top coat THEN do the magnet or the pattern 'loosens' up... This is 2 coats with a coat of MegaShine. It's not very uniform, as I had to do the magnet twice as it diffused when I put on MegaShine. Anyway, in the end it kind of looks cool - the base colour is a darkened purple-grey shimmer with a silvery shimmer in the magnetic pulled bits.

The Evil Beech has decided on the matte look and put on 2 coats of Rimmel "Black Out" and a coat of Rimmel LycraPRO Matte Finish. She also advises that a thin layer of matte top coat is better than a thick one. The polish appears to have dried out hence the messy application and was according to The Evil Beech the application was "as difficult as wrestling a hell-swine". I didn't ask how she knows that...


Alex said...

Would you recommend the magnet polish to other?

madeupkat said...

I have the silver and purple ones and i really like them. I too thought there were no english instructions, then i realised there's another layer to the flimsy instructions (need good nails to get it open!) and lo and behold there were the english ones. I use the raised ledge as a prop just bellow the cuticle, makes it easy to hold the magnet in place without touching. My top coat didnt effect the pattern to badly, but i left it 30mins plus before i did it (as id read on other brands this works ok).