Sunday, 20 July 2014

NOTD: North Face of the Eiger!

So we hosted a climbing theme film night! :) I decided that I wanted to make a cool manicure to go with it, so I made a panoramic mountain view with snowy tops using 2 coats of Bloom "Kate" for the blue sky, and Chanel "Particuliere" for the mountains then I dabbed on Seventeen Rock Hard Couture "Celestial Pearl" for the snowy peaks!

I also baked a rather fitting cake which went down a treat - it's supposed to be the Eiger! :)

That's a lot of icing on there... :P

Lego-Guy certainly looks happy to be scaling the North Face!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

NOTD: China Glaze "Purple Panic"

I needed something hot to start off the week and this was just the ticket! But despite the name, I don't really think this is purple?... More like a hot pink?.. But it's hot nonetheless! I used 2 coats here and a slick of Seche Vite (as a neon, it dries matte so need a nice glossy top coat). It's really warm in Scotland just now and I'm living in sandals, so I added a matching pedicure as well :)

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

NOTD: Gold Abstract Nail Art

Sometimes I get these flashes of inspiration but it only turns out half-great :) This is one of those occasions. I should have just done Chanel "Particuliere" throughout... I used Chanel "Particuliere" for the greige colour, NYC "Downtown" for the wine red and then I layered OPI "When Monkeys Fly!" over OPI "Goldeneye" in slices and framed those slices with a black line using a nail art striper. After it was fully dry I slicked on some Seche Vite to fuse it all and make it super-shiny! :) I like it but wish I'd done it slightly differently with just one base colour!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Cupcake Nails!

I decided I wanted to have a stab at cupcake nails... I think my first attempt is kind of decent? Perhaps even a bit 3D. I used Isadora "Ocean Drive" for the minty backdrop, then Seventeen Rock Hard Couture "Celestial Pearl" for the cupcake 'icing' and Barry M "Kingsland Road" and a pink nail art duo for the cupcake 'wrapper' and a sprinkling of micro beads from a MUA Nail Constellations which the label has fallen off of... I took this photo then covered the whole thing in a thick coat of Seche Vite. Not too shabby! :)

Monday, 30 June 2014

Recent NOTDs

More blue in evening light

This is the old manicure to show another side to this polish
I've been so busy the last few days but I did manage to squeeze in a couple of manicures! :) I am off on a 3 day training course on Phase 1 Habitat Mapping tomorrow for work, and there is threat of rain when I need to be outside so I decided I wanted a nice tropical manicure. I did two coats and no top coat here of Isadora's awesome Sugar Crush "Ocean Crush". I just love this fantastic colour, but I can NEVER catch the colour shift on film :(

During the weekend I took the Man around the town to buy man-essentials such as self-inflating camping mats, ladderlock straps and - pants... I needed a nice hot red for this so I chose my very first premium nail polish buy - OPI Designer Series "Ruby". I did 2 coats here as well without top coat as I find top coat scatters the holographic particles too much in the DS polishes.

Sunday, 22 June 2014



It's been 6 years since I started this blog! :) A lot of stuff has happened in 6 years but it sure as hell doesn't feel like I've been blogging for six years. I decided I wanted something special for this anniversary but unfortunately 'that polish' didn't arrive in time - the anniversary was actually 27th May... Ahem. But I decided I wanted to wait until it arrived to do this post :)

When I saw "Sand In My Shoe" from Nicole by OPI I knew I had to have it. In fact I wouldn't have minded having the whole collection! The collections is called Roughles, which is a play on ruffles and the rough texture. It's cheesy but the collection totally rocks! It took ages for it to make it's way onto eBay which is the only place I would be able to get this polish as it appears Superdrug doesn't seem to be stocking this in their stores/online yet, if ever. This is 2 coats over my Bourjois SoPerfect gel base coat. It's awesome. Just awesome. Like bottled happiness!!! :)

To grow my circle in my 6th year of blogging I have also set up an account on Nailpolis - if you haven't heard, it's a "nail art museum" :) It's a great place to see original nail art from some very talented ladies and also swatches of polishes! Go visit me now!

This nail polish makes me feel happy and sunny, just like "Waterloo Sunset" by The Kinks! :)

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

NOTD: Silver Skittles

I reluctantly took off OPI "Green on the Runway" tonight but I had jammed my finger in the printer putting in more paper so had ruined one nail completely and it had to come off. But I needed something bloody spectacular to replace it. And here it is...

I started off with a base of the silvery sparkler that is GOSH "Silver", then added pops of summer colour with GOSH "Wild Lilac" (purple), Rimmel LycraPRO "Aqua Cool" (blue), Orly "Mint Mojito" (green), Rimmel 60sec "Sunshine" (yellow) and finally the old classic, Rimmel LycraPRO "Urban Princess" (pink). I finished off with a thick coat of Seche Vite to smooth over it all and give it that rock-solid mirror-finish. Good to go for the end of the week! :)

I have a discovery to share as well, I will do a full review once I've used it a bit more - Bleach London Reincarnation Hair Mask. It is supposed to soothe angry (home) bleached hair like mine, with sunflower seed extract and micro wheat proteins. It is also formulated to be gentle on an expensive and exotic dye job. And best of all - it's £6!! So far I've only tried it for about 5mins in the shower, but I will put it on my hair for 20mins tomorrow under a disposable shower cap to see how that goes! The smell is very light, not smelling of anything in particular. Even just 5 mins have done a nice job to soothe my straw-like tresses so here's hoping for tomorrow night's marathon hair masking!