Thursday 18 July 2019

WHAT'S NEW: Urban Decay Stay Naked!

So there's no secret I'm into Urban Decay! I've been a massive fan of their One and Done foundation for a while now, and I am continuing my love affair with their Vice Sheer lipsticks (should I do a post on those??).

And today they drop a whole new collection called Stay Naked - with a new foundation! It's meant to be kind of a love child of their Allnighter (full coverage, long wear) and their Naked (natural coverage) foundations; how could I not covet thee??

One of the many awesome promises about this foundation is the 50 shades it comes in. When perusing the website trying to buy I did have a problem choosing my shade. There are no swatches out there yet other than the ones on Urban Decay's own website, BUT they have released this rather nifty video guide to their shade system! I settled on 30NN, let's see how that pans out...

So while I am waiting for my foundation to arrive for a review, just enjoy the look of my truly #vintage Urban Decay nail polish collection, circa 1999. Yes, I still use them. And they're like more than 20yrs old.

From L to R: Brick House, Bruise, Kiss, ID and Cult

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