Sunday 27 December 2009

NOTD: Bloom "Bianca"

I've worn this one before, but I am going away for a few days so I was wanting something unique yet stylish and hard-wearing. "Bianca" is in my Top 10 of All Time, the formula is flawless (almost) and wears like iron on me. And of course, the colour is awesome!! If I was allowed nail polish when I went for my foot surgery, this would probably be it. I am looking at the old photo and thinking how great my nails were back then, now there is too much DIY, cleaning, typing and stuff for them to be able to grow successfully.

Nevermind! :) I am sipping julmust and wishing I was back in Sweden, I hear they've got loads of snow. We've got some left, but none on the trees and the temperature is fluctuating wildly from thawing out to icy cold.

1 comment:

Zeke said...

Green! Yay! =D
It's cold and we've got loads of snow. More coming from what I've seen.
Oh, and you're never allowed to wear pink nail polish ever again. Green is much better!