Friday 25 December 2009

Merry Xmas!

Santa was very good to me this year and brought me OPI "Merry Midnight"! Thank you Weebster! :) I got it as part of a gift set with a silver cuff and OPI "Sapphire in the snow". "Sapphire in the snow" looks lovely - from photos I thought it would be dark blue creme (already have that), but it's way better; sort of blueberry purple! Quite unlike any of my other colours.

Anyway back to my NOTD. "Merry Midnight" is a lovely amethyst based glitter and flakies, it's crazy sparkly and looks a bit lit from within with it's red flakes. The formula was weird; a bit sticky but runny, and the first coat was incredibly sheer. However this is two coats only, the second coat was very opaque.

Lovely! This may yet make it into my Products of the Year reveiw at the New Year... :) This is my first NOTD in daylight I think, I usually am at work all day. Nice to be off for two weeks. I am not sure the camera is picking up the lovely glow. I will retake some photos in my normal conditions tonight.

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