Friday 12 June 2009

REVIEW: Benefit Bad Gal

I got this much talked about mascara as a mini sized freebie. I have read rave reviews about it but I am not convinced. The formula is thick and well-pigmented, but the brush is far too large to work for me. It may be the dense concentration of bristles that does it - it is very full. I just can't get it close enough to the roots to get the volume promised by the sales blurb. I keep getting clumps too. However, It didn't smudge much even for me (all mascaras smudge on me, its som kind of voodoo curse I've decided).

RRP for Bad Gal is £14.50, which puts in the high-end drugstore mascara group, in between the pricey luxury mascaras and the economic drugstore brands. However hyped, it doesn't do it for me. I am sorry Benefit, you're cute and quirky and I love your Creaseless Cream Shadow and Liner but Bad Gal doesn't impress me!

Lina-Elvira Loves It Thiiiis Much:

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Helen said...

Same here - just didn't do it for me and I was scared of scraping my eyeball with the massive brush.

I have a review of Max Factor False Lash coming up this week. it's much better.