Wednesday 10 June 2009

NOTD: Collection 2000 Hot Looks "Juicy"

So I was feeling in an adventurous mood and did myself some full cover nails after my client left. I am just not happy with my nails right now, and was desperate for some length. If you are careful in applying full cover nails, they look really great with minimal damage to the natural nail underneath.

These nails turned out to be really good and you can usually find them on eBay or in the drugstores fairly cheap. Next time I might get the oval ones. These have been slightly trimmed shorter, but I think they need some work to become more squoval.

Collection 2000 Hot Looks is a speed-dry nail polish that come in a range of cool colours. This orange jelly has a lovely goldy shimmer to it. It truly deserves it's name! This is 2 coats and Poshe top coat. The formula applies really well. The bottle is small, only 8ml, but it sells for about £2.50. I have not seen this colour lately in the shops though, so I think it might be left overs from a collection last year.

I love the end result here, puts me in a very summery mood! :) Rockin'!

Lina-Elvira Loves It Thiiiis Much:
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Lucy said...

I like that shade. Very pretty on you. I've never tried any of those nails. Are they easy to apply? I know what you mean about the length. Mine are really short. It's so annoying!