Monday 27 April 2009

REVIEW: Nivea Natural Beauty Daily Scrub, Moisturiser and Eyecream

I love getting the little sachets in the magazines with new products. I love to use them but I also seem to have accumulated two large bubble envelopes full of them?? This month I got a 3 part sachet with Nivea Natural Beauty offerings. I decided I needed to try it instead of storing it for future use. At first glance, I am not entirely sure why they call it "natural", the ingredients lists of all the products is a mile long.

I am not usually overly impressed by Nivea, I find it slightly too chemical for my liking. But the Daily Scrub is lovely! It is a rich gel-creme with tiny, tiny scrubbing particles in it. It feels and smells very luxurious indeed. It scrubs off dead skin cells gently, and makes the skin feel very smooth after. I could do with a tube of this stuff, and that's saying something! :)

The eyecream is ok, it wasn't too heavy or too thin. It is not perfumed, but does contain little shimmer particles to brighten the eye area which can be irritating if you have sensitive skin. I didn't think it made me feel as if it would be worth splashing out on, if you have bags/shadows around the eyes, you're better off with a an eye gel and a good brightening concealer, to be honest.

The moisturiser is very perfumed, which I don't like. The texture is ok, it isn't too thick or oily. It has little shimmer particles in it to illuminate the skin. This for me is just another face cream, I am not sure I am convinced by the "radiance" claims.

I think this series would appeal more to the younger crowd with post-teen skin. Something to brighten the face after a heavy night out, perhaps. Once you get a little bit older, your skinrequires more severe measures :P


Sarah said...

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Lina-Elvira said...

How intriguing... :)

Lucy said...

Hi Lina-Elvira! I do the same thing. I put all those extras away in a drawer and they mount up fast. I should use them right away also. I don't want bits of sparkle in my creme's. I'll be skipping that mess.