Sunday 5 April 2009


I've been into organic and natural body care lately and I picked up some Naked products when they were on special offer a few months back. Naked is a natural range of body and hair products with no petrochemicals, phtalates or sulphates. They've recently revamped their appearance, so I assume these were on sale for that reason as they have the old bottles :)

So how was it for me? The Detox hair range is really good for clearing your hair of old products and gives my fine hair a lot of body. It's something I use once a week or so, I think it would be slightly too harsh if you used it every time you washed your hair. All the products have a nice herbally scent from the natural ingredients.

I am in love with the Rose with no clothes body cream, its also slightly sparkly and makes me feel gorgeous! :) And the Starflower Stark Naked body wash is a lovely hydrating body wash that is also gentle on fake tan (yes folks, it's that time of the year again...)

I think this is a reasonably priced and gentle range, they have something for everyone I think!

Lina-Elvira Loves It Thiiiis Much:
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indi500fan said...

The title was a thrill.....

:- )

Amanda said...

I really like the mask sample you sent me :-) I've never heard of this brand before!