Sunday 5 April 2009

NOTD: Rimmel "Climax"

Wow, this is still sooooo cool, 7 years on! This lovely lilac shimmer has a pink glow that I can't capture on camera. Slightly similar to Sparitual "Disco Inferno". All my old Rimmel's are in dire need of some Seche Restore thinner, this is soooo goopy hense the messy cuticles. But they are so awesome, I love them! :)
Might get banned from Blogspot if I keep posting with naughty words in the title :P My fibromyalgia is bothering me a lot again, and I feel achy and foggy, so I slapped on the Xen-Tan again - it always makes me feel so much better with a bit of colour :) I think I will actually put on Fyrinnae's Meerkat eyeshadow tomorrow to go with my nails! :)


Velvet said...

Very lovely color! Great for the spring and summer.

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I have this color. I should give it a run. It's Sunday night and I have yet to choose or apply my Flavor of The Week. Such a slacker today. ;)