Wednesday 30 December 2015

BOXING DAY SALE: What I got...

So after having a couple of large expenses (cat emergency care/blocked drain emergency call out) I've tried to be restrained this year for Xmas. Well... I DID get a new camera! But I had some help from the Husband and Parents there. So when it came to the sales I just bought stuff I wanted for a while, and that was useful!

As the 'in-between' days ticked on, parcels started to be shipped and I got notifications. And I was like, it appears I did a lot more shopping than I thought!! Ain't that always the case...So what did I get?

So in terms of beauty, I went to town when I saw that Space.NK had the Rococo nail polishes at £3!! I always cringe at the thought of paying £12 full price for them so I have never bought one. I am hoping they are good, and of course a full review will come :)
"Love Potion Luxe" - how can one resist??       Photo: Space.NK website
I was rather underwhelmed by the gift set offerings in Boots this year, and I ended up walking out without any sales purchases on Boxing Day... I couldn't find any 'wow' deals on most of the sites I perused, and therefor it seems that 4 Rococo polishes are my only beauty sale finds!

I realised that the bulk of my sales shopping falls under the 'Useful' category. I must be getting old!! I got a new waterproof jacket; if you follow my blog you know I do ecology and lots of outdoorsy stuff so this is a definite tick on my wish list. Related to my new camera, I got a waterproof camera bag, massive memory card, LCD screen protectors, cleaning kit and an HDMI cable. I also got a 2TB external harddrive to hoard all those massive videos and photos! All for very reasonable prices, and of course Xmas present Amazon gift cards always help! Electronics seem to always be more discounted on Boxing Day than anything else, so I guess it was a good time to get a new camera :)

What were your purchases in the sales - beauty or otherwise?

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