Sunday, 23 August 2015

NOTD: H&M "Argent Lilac"

I think this polish will easy make it into my Top Ten of 2015! It is just one of those polishes you think looks OK in the bottle but you're not sure how well it will translate onto the nail... I loved it so much I did a matching pedicure for the last few weeks of open toed shoes :)

"Argent Lilac" is a metallic one-coater. I did ONE coat here. Just one. It dries to a satin finish which is nice but I knocked it up a notch with Seche Vite. WoW! I absolutely love this polish. For £3.99 this is my last days of summer dreams come true! :)

If you are pernickety about streaks or have very ridged nails, you may need a really good ridge filling base coat. Also be careful to let your base coat dry properly before you apply the polish or you may find it smears the base coat into the polish and makes an unattractive bald patch. I think metallics always work best over a glossy base coat, with a bit of 'slip'.

Yep, definitely a Top Ten of 2015! You can find many of the polishes online on H&M now, but they are launching in stores across the UK soon. In Sweden, the nail polish stands are massive, there must be at least 50 colours? I can't wait til they make it to the H&Ms in Aberdeen! :)

You can see my previous new H&M manicure of "December Dawn" here!

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