Saturday, 22 August 2015

I'm back from holiday!

I had an awesome time on holiday in my native Sweden, it was roasting hot and sunny the whole time :) I did mostly wildlife walks on the craggy hillsides in shorts and tank top (which has imbued me with a caramel tan) but I also managed to squeeze in a trip or two to score some Swedish beauty products!

From L to R: OPI Color Paints 'Pen & Pink', OPI Hawaii Collection Minis, Depend #426,
Depend #427, H&M 'Argent Lilac' and 'Green Machine'.
We went through Copenhagen airport for our connecting flight going to Sweden - it has an amazing tax free shopping experience!! I purchased a travel exclusive OPI Hawaii Collection set on a "I'm on holiday" whim. Haven't tried any yet, that just goes to show how good my holiday was :)

I also scored one of the new OPI Color Paint's polishes in Kicks (a makeup shop) - these are layering jellies. I used it on holiday over a silver polish and it looks amazing, but perfect application will require practice and should not be done in your sun lounger like I did... If they hadn't been so expensive I would have got the green as well. Supposedly these also look awesome without the silver base coat.

As usual I also scored some Depend nail polishes - these are usually really nice and a cheap holiday treat at 25SEK (about £1.90) and most of the time they have deals on them like 3 for 2. They are also easy to pack...

In Sweden, all the H&Ms I went into already stock the new beauty stuff *heaven*. I had bought some online before ("December Dawn" NOTD here) I went but now I had a chance to look at all the stock. I can't wait for the products to hit the UK shops, the nail polishes and body care is to die for. Here are some of the polishes I scored so far, I have also bought the 'Urban Verve' body wash and body lotion. The scent is fresh and a bit citrusy, and lingers nicely. The lotion is very nice on my dry, post-holiday tan :)

From L to R: Argent Lilac, Green Machine, Russet Pearl, December Dawn, Peacock
I will do some more in-depth reviews of these when I actually wear them. Now I'm off to catch up on Great British Bake Off whilst Husband cooks dinner!

And yes, it was definitely hot enough for wild swimming!!

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