Monday 11 August 2014

Phew! Some recent NOTDs

I've been SOOOO busy lately and this weekend my parents were over for my best friends wedding so I got very little done apart from showing them around the town! But I did do my nails to match my dress for my friends wedding but then forgot to photograph them until the day after :( This is 2 coats with a slick of Seche Vite.
Cele "Cobalt" - lovely shimmer navy! :)
My mum brought me some Isadora and Depend nail polishes from Sweden which was totally awesome so I decided to put on the intensely pink and aptly named "Power Pink" from Isadora tonight to brighten the deluge of rain we're having!! I then decided I needed to bling it up a bit.. Quite a lot actually. It's 2 coats and a slap of sparkle! :)

Isadora "Power Pink" - what a knockout!

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