Saturday 2 August 2014

They're here - Maybelline Baby Lips Electro!

On the left - 'Pink Shock' and on the right - 'Strike A Rose'
I did like the regular Baby Lips from Maybelline so when I heard they were bringing out 'neon' versions of them in America I did hope they would eventually make it to the UK :) And they are finally here! You can get them in both Superdrug and Boots; as usually I've seen these first in my favourite Superdrug and they are Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price just now in Superdrug.

I did some swatches too but they didn't come out very well :( I can't wait to wear these, they both look awesome!
As above, on the left - 'Pink Shock' and on the right - 'Strike A Rose'.
These are a few passes each over the same area.

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