Tuesday 13 August 2013

NOTD: Seventeen Rock Hard Couture Nail Effects "Bijoux Baby"

Inside spotlight lighting, shows the intense glitter but looks more goldy-peach than pink

In evening sun, it has more true-to-life colour representation of this polish!
Longest nail polish name, ever but man I am in love with these! :D I saw them in Boots this evening as I was buying more of my Garnier face wash and holy shit, are these glitter, or sugar texture or both?? Both, baby!! Love them! I also got a bluey-green one, "Cameo Crush", that one is for the weekend :) There is also a white and a champagne colour. I will have to take a photo in daylight for this as well as I don't feel this photo has the right colour but covers the glitteriness of this polish.

This is 2 coats over base coat, it's very easy to put on and it dries really quickly. You don't want to put a top coat on these, it ruins the texture. They dry so quick you don't need a speed-dry top coat. This one is peachy-pink with intense golden glitter bits and it's just amazing!! Definitely these will go with Isadora Sugar Crush "Ocean Crush" right up to the polish top list this year :)


Mona said...

Älska, älska, älska!?! Har aldrig sett seventeen i runda flaskor, coolt.

Emma said...

Oooooh, pretty!! Think this is a dupe for the new Barry M 'Princess', I am loving both though! :D xxxx