Monday 3 June 2013

NOTD: Sephora "Manizer"

This is one of my scores from my honeymoon :) I love a hot pink! After sweltering in the office (30C) I went to Yo!Sushi with some friends in the warm (21C) evening air, and I decided that tomorrow come rain or shine I will wear my pink and leopard print scarf and pink top, so I needed matching hot pink nails :)

I was miffed to discovered the brush on this is crap and missing half it's hairs (I should have checked...) but it didn't matter. It still applied fine and this is just 1 coat!!! I loved it so much I decided 1 coat was enough so I'd have plenty left in the mini 5ml bottle!!

And thanks to a colleagues manic shopping habits I was tipped off to some new stuff in Marks & Spencer so I scored with my gift card from Xmas - a skin care series called 'Pure'. It advertises itself as "Minimum 95% natural ingredients, 100% essential oil fragrances, Free from parabens, silicones, mineral oils" and British made. It smells lovely and I can't wait to try the hot cloth cleanser and moisturiser tomorrow. I will review when I have used it for a while :)

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