Saturday 18 May 2013

REVIEW: L'Oreal Preference Mousse Absolue "900 Light Natural Blonde"

I decided I wanted to go a bit more blonde this time. I also decided I wanted to try this so-called reusable hair colour. Not sure why as I would have to use a can a time anyway as my hair is very long... Nevermind, I am a sucker for advertising I guess. It goes in dry hair which I like; I don't like the ones that go onto wet hair. It is easy to prepare, just put on the special mousse cap then shake and away you go, no mixing. It comes out looking like shaving cream... Hmmm... Not the easiest to get into the roots I felt and hard to determine if it has gone on evenly? It felt 'dry' to apply on the hair and was hard to work into the hair I felt, a dark colour will likely be hard to get even?... The smell is very strong and I did feel a bit wheezy with my asthma and I had to open the bathroom window wide. The colour result is nice and shiny but hair feels quite dry. The conditioner is nice, I think it's the usual one for the Recital Preference range, but highly fragranced. All I could smell all day today was the hair colourant... Not that sexy. I can't comment on the staying power in the can and reusability of this product as I used up the whole can as predicted! Also quite pricey with the £10.99 price tag compared to the usual £6 or so for more traditional colourants. Not a disappointing colour result but I probably won't repurchase as I much prefer my usual cream colourant L'Oreal Excellence Creme (but I will go for a lighter blonde next time rather than my usual 7.31 Dark Caramel Blonde).

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